Robotics team helping with Flint water crisis

Students can help the Robotics team raise 2,960 bottles of water by dropping off a case of water to the robotics lab at Seaholm at 3pm-5pm on January 27th - February 5th to send to Flint to help children in need. Q&A with Engineering Technology teacher and Co-robotics Coach Rosa Everitt: Shane Donovan: So why did you choose this cause? Rosa Everitt: As a mom, it really bothers me that there are children who don’t have clean water. I think about my boys, and they take baths and they swim and play in the water and they have a great time. And I don’t even think about it if they drink the water. Just knowing that there has to be this concern that those kids are being poisoned just really upsets

Friday the 13th Becomes a Young Mans Lucky Day

Trevor Sullivan has spent the last 9 months of his life fighting a rare heat condition. But this past Friday, November 13th. Trevor received his new heart. At 4:30pm Trevor went in for his surgery and at 9pm that night. Trevor was reunited with his family soon after. Trevor was sedated awaiting the okay that his heart had taken and that he would have the breathing tube removed. At 5:30 Trevor was awake and responding the best he could. "He was knotting his head yes and no. He could grip our hands. He knew he was going to be okay" said Philip Sullivan, Trevor's dad. Around 12:30am on Saturday the 14th Trevor's doctors removed the breathing tube. "Words can't simply say enough..." said Philip

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