ItsJBoTime! Vlogs

YouTube Vlogs: ItsJBoTime! I watched as senior David Barton tried to blink without raising his eyebrows. David thought that your eyebrows move when you wink but not when you blink. I realized that, if you look closer, there’s more that meets the eye. I captured this through the lens of my Vlog on September 8. This is just one of my Vlog’s: It’sJBOTime!, where I make mundane, humorous, social experiments--asking girls, for example, if it was ok for a girl to ask a guy to Homecoming. Simple Pickup was the main reason I started making YouTube videos because they always preached about not having to work a 9-5 job and being able to be an entrepreneur and do what you want to do. Simple Pickups c

H.E.R. Album Review

Gabi wilson better known by her stage name H.E.R. (Acronym for Having Everything Revealed) is a 20 year old African-american R&B/Alternative R&B singer-songwriter from Vallejo, California. She was Born June 27th, 1997. She signed to RCA records and has two EP’s (Extended Plays) self titled H.E.R. The first Vol. being her debut project was released September 9th, 2016 and vol.2 being released June 16th 2017. This October she released the B-sides of both Vol.1 and Vol.2 on the 20th. She explains the mystery and concept behind her album cover by saying "The mystery is a metaphor for who I am, or who I was at the time of creating the project…I feel like oftentimes we don’t like to be open as pe

Detroit Pistons move Downtown

The new stadium for the Detroit Pistons and other Detroit teams, the Little Cesar’s arena, is a much newer, state-of-the art arena with many restaurants, stores and other entertainment options including a variety of places for everyone to eat and many social places gather with your friends and family. Many fans had doubts about moving downtown, but most people are excited about going to the up and coming District Detroit Area. The new stadium is rumored to have the largest jumbotron in the country, with the highest quality resolution. The new stadium has high end seating and intimate seating arrangement, bringing the fans in closer to the action. The Pistons have many new and returning play

XC runners inspired by older sisters to overcome challenges this season

Sophomore Keller Kanat and sophomore Katie Lucken were both inspired to join Groves’ cross country team for the same reason: talented older sisters. Both Kanat and Lucken watched their sisters train for meets at a young age and wanted to emulate their sisters’ determination during races. “My sister did cross country, and I had been going to her meets,” Kanat said. “I loved how close and upbeat everyone was. This year I choose to do it because I loved how it gives me something to look forward to during the long school day.” Kanat will never forget a moment this year that tested her endurance. “It was the day of homecoming, and it was the first day that my pack (Cat Christe and Natalia McInty

Advocator for the American Association of University Women, alumna Paige Robnett, visits Groves

Paige Robnett visits the History of America's Women class to give a presentation about the AAUW organization on October 20th. She spoke about modern feminism, injustices in the workplace, and common sexist language used in schools and businesses. In this video, you hear her targeting micro behaviors that she claims to have a huge effect on women. Students in the class offer personal examples and further insight.

Q&A With YouTuber and Sophomore at Groves High School Peechos

Sophomore Will Hess, or Peechos, tries to balance his school life with his YouTube channel Aspiring content creator and YouTube star William Hess, or Peechos as he’s known by his 87 subscribers, is working hard to create a channel where he can share what he loves with other people. He has agreed to participate in a Q&A session to help people understand more about his channel and how he can share his life with his fans. Check out his channel here: Q what inspired you to start making videos A so I was watching Ricegum and there was this one distrack where he said I call you shrek cause you look like an ogre and that’s when I decided to make my own videos Q how long have you been on YouTube an

The Detroit Bus Tour

Jordan, the tour guide, explains the incident at the Algiers Motel in 1967. The movie, Detroit, didn't tell the whole truth about the event at the Algiers. The Algiers Motel is on Woodward Ave. This is where the brutal incident of the Algiers happened. Not too long after, the motel wasn't getting much business and was eventually shut down and destroyed. I stared at the place where the horror seemed last for ever one night in 1967 in Detroit: The Algiers Motel. I went with my brother, my friend Ayanna, and Ayanna’s mom on the Detroit Bus Tour to learn about Detroit’s history. The people who came on this tour were mostly middle-aged, old and, oddly, most, were white. I think it’s because ne

Freudian by Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar, born April 5, 1995. After independently building an online following through EPs, Caesar released his debut album Freudian in August 2017.Daniel Caesar In his debut album Freudian, delivers songs that take you on various adventures. In the Album's leading single “Get You( feat. Kali Uchis)” Caesar give us a funky soulful vibe spilling out his love for his soulmate and the disbelief that he actually has her. Caesar, 22 and Canadian native released his first single off of the album in October and it received over 10 million streams on Apple Music. Next on the album his Second single “Best Part(feat. H.E.R) Caesar slows things down with the firm presence of a soothing guitar rif

The Detroit Museum Tour

A picture of the replica Algiers motel sign in the 1967 Riot display room at the Detroit History Museum. Jamon Jordan explaining the history of the Detroit's free press at the Detroit History Museum in the basement of the building. Hurry! Don’t miss it! The Detroit History Museum is closing down the 1967 display room at the end of 2018. Take a tour of the 67’ rebellion and the history of Detroit, given by historian Jamon Jordan, who guides bus tours as well as Museum tours. Not only does he vividly explain the ups and downs of the dirty truth of Detroit's history but he also goes all the way back to the 1800s, to the real gritty history that may change lives and how you feel about your city.

Juniors defeat seniors 20 to 17 in powderpuff game as part of homecoming contests this year

Juniors Chrissy Tyndall and Emily Jurgia play tight ends at junior's offensive line. Juriga scored the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter on October 4. The junior team beat the senior team for the second year in a row on the October 4 Homecoming Powderpuff game, winning the game with only fifty seconds left on the clock as junior Emily Jurgia, a tight end, scored the third touch down for the juniors, cinching the victory with a 20 to 17 score. Junior corner back Kate Marszalek recalled another highlight of the game. "Our running back, Lizzy Potocsky, was able to break out of the senior's defense and sprint down the line to get our first touch down," Marszalek said. Marszalek helped the

Groves Upholds School of Character Designation Through School Wide Service

In the same light as Falcon Family Friday and the formation of student sections for each sport, the school is coming together once again, this time for community service. Make a Difference Day is on October 24th and the school is taking nearly 100 students to volunteer at Dossin Elementary school in Detroit. Students will work together on various beautification projects within the school which include painting lockers. In order to participate, volunteers must have their permission slips turned into the office by October 21st. Counselor Norman Hurns is one of the main coordinators of the event and believes that this service project will represent Groves being a school of character. “Make a

Groves Varsity Football Seeking for an Undefeated Season

Birmingham Groves Varsity football has experienced an impressive year so far, currently undefeated in their season. On October 9th, during our homecoming game, Varsity took on Berkely for the OAA Blue Division Championship, and came out victorious with an end score of 47-14. Most recently, on October 16th, our Varsity shutout Royal Oak High School, concluding the game 42-0. On October 23rd, Groves will face Ann Arbor Pioneer at home for its last game before moving onto playoffs. Varsity head coach Brendan Flaherty explained what the team has done to be so successful, some of the highlights of the season, as well as how the team is now preparing for their finale game on October 23rd and the r

Groves Varsity Football Interviews

Birmingham Groves Varsity football has gone undefeated leaving many excited for playoffs. Our reporters managed to grab an interview with Cedric Boswell. Enjoy and don't forget to check in for interviews, info and more relating to football.

Birmingham Teachers, Secretaries, and Paraprofessionals Rally Again for a Contract

Yet again, teachers, secretaries, and paraprofessionals demonstrated their support for each other and desire for an equitable contract during a rally on October 20. On September 29, many of the same staff members marched around Birmingham's public Administration building, urging the district to provide a fair contract, a rally that resulted in the district agreeing to the teacher union's economic proposal. Nearly one month later, the BPS staff rallied again, partly because that contract never materialized. Groves mathematics teachers Eric Springer and Cristina Antoniolli represented the secretaries at the protest on October 11. Antoniolli explained why they were holding a sign for secre

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