11th Grade Excel Class takes a trip to The National Arab Museum

On Thursday October 26th, the eleventh grade excel class of 2017 took a trip to the National Arab Museum in Dearborn Michigan. 11th grade Excel teacher Mr. Warrow expected the students to have an appreciation for the Arab culture and a sense of stereotypes in the world we live in. “In the world that we live in today where there are stereotypes and antagonism and incorrect information being spread about islam and the Arab world. This gives our students a chance to see the factual perspective in an engaging way,” Warrow said. Many students had no idea what to expect going into a museum with such intense history. Warrow had high expectations for the students being able to understand and relate

David's Graphics

If you want to know how to make the N1ghtm@res graphic, here's how: Use the rectangle tool to create a teal colored background Use the rectangle tool to create a white box Go to the rectangle tool, go down to custom shapes Go to the upper right of the screen click the box with your shape in it Click the gear or settings button Scroll down to all and click it Click the box again and find the shape with 5 rhombus’ Click the color picker, make it gray Click the custom shape tool on the left tool box Create the shape Go to eclipse tool, create a white circle with a thick black border Make a smaller pink circle with no border and put it inside the white circle Center it in the middle of the diamo

Birmingham Varsity Skating team meets Olympian Meryl Davis

The atmosphere of the Franklin Cider Mill morphed from mundane to dynamic on Sunday, November 12, as the girls of Birmingham Varsity Skating met Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis. A Groves alumna, Davis competed with Charlie White in the 2014 Olympics to claim gold for the US, after previously winning silver in 2010. Accompanied with her Olympic pursuits, she is a five-time Grand Prix Final champion and six-time US national champion. Captains, Groves senior Callie Barnas and Seaholm junior Emma Morganroth originally planned the meeting as an annual get-together to ignite the season and bond more with new teammates. They did not anticipate meeting a world acknowledged ice dancer. The figure skat

Junior D'kari Fields wins NBA 2K Tournament

Junior D'kari Fields wins GSC's Nba 2K tournament on November 1. Groves Student Congress hosted its 2nd annual gaming tournament for the student body, attracting over fifty students to compete. They plan on hosting another tournament next year. We thank all the people for participating and we look forward participating next year. Congratulations D’Kari!

New in Theaters: Thor Ragnarok

Surtur: Ragnarok can not be stopped, what makes you think you can succeed? Thor: Because that’s what heroes do! Unlike the first two movies of this trilogy which are serious with comedic moments, this one is comedic with serious moments. In the third installment of the God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth; Thor, The Avengers, and Star Trek), Ragnarok is the destruction of his home Asgard and its people which is caused by the Goddess of Death, Hela (Cate Blanchett; Lord of The Rings, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Cinderella). But to prevent this from happening he first has to escape from a planet him and Loki (Tom Hiddleston; The Avengers, Kong: Skull Island, Crimson Peak) were thrown into.

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