Teens and Depression

Every 2 hours a teen takes their own life. The cause of their actions occur from depression. Depression deeply affects more than 20 percent of teens, from ages 13 to 20. Before teens reach adulthood, they are introduced to many obstacles that can cause lots of stress and anxiety to their lives. But it can only get worse from there. Many symptoms such as depression or even suicidal thoughts can intoxicate teens minds. There are many factors that can potentially trigger teen depression. These factors can be grades. Making them feel worthless and pollute their mind with negativity and self esteem issues. More factors can be bullying. Bullying is a major cause for teens to self harm and feel de

Detroit Tigers Coming to Groves Thursday, January 25

The Detroit Tigers will be at Groves this Thursday, January 25th at 6:00 p.m. for a night of fun and entertainment. Groves head baseball coach and U.S. history teacher Morrison organized the event. Fifteen Detroit Tigers will be here, and the Groves baseball and softball teams are going to get a photo with them. "They’re also going to have an entertaining segment where the Tigers dance and invite some of our baseball guys down, and they’ll be a part of the dance," Morrison said. Chick-Fil-A will be at the event selling food and will continue to sell food at many home baseball games in the spring. "We’re going to have concessions at our baseball games for the first time. Chik-Fil-A is going

How do we get Snow Days?

The Winter season is here and I know you're curious as to how we can get snow days this year. So I decided to ask Dr. Nerad some questions about the snow day process. Scriptor: What determines whether or not we have a snow day? Dr. Nerad: This is determined with weather related and district related information. Key to the decision about snow days is the overall amount of snow, when the snow begins and ends and the road and walking conditions for students and parents. Every day we consider a snow day I have the opportunity to also work with a meteorologist to help guide my decision and I also talk to key district staff members about overall conditions. We also have a system that allows me to

Easy Christmas Gifts Under Ten Dollars

Peppermint Face Scrub Ingredients: sugar red dye (optional) peppermint oil Places to find peppermint oil: Meijer (5$) Walmart (5$) Terrarium Materials: A mason jar Dirt from outside and other cool things you find Gift Cards Ten dollar gift cards are a great way to show someone you were thinking about them without spending too much money. Getting gifts cards to awesome places such as Starbucks, Chipotle, Target, Gamestop, and other is an easy gift to get. Winter Wear: A cute winter hat/ bini, a scarf, or a warm pair of glove is a great way to keep someone warm, and it makes for a great easy, and mostly cheap gift. Jewelry: Jewelry is an easy gift to give without having to take too much out of

The Process Of Cold days

Ever wonder how Cold Days are decided? Since Groves had a Cold Day, I interviewed Dr. Nerad on making the decision to close Groves. Here are some questions about cold days for the Scriptor: Dr. Nerad: “Hi Jacob, Scriptor: What are factors that play into cold days? Dr. Nerad: The factors that play into cold days are the air temperature and wind chill. Additional considerations include the overall wind chill at the start of the day and throughout the day and our ability to start and run the busses. Scriptor: What temperature is considered sufficient for a cold day? Dr. Nerad: Usually we look at wind chill warnings when considering closing schools. These wind chill warnings vary by the temper

Groves House Party

Looking for something fun to do next Saturday night? After the boy's varsity basketball game, be sure to come to the commons for Groves House Party! Be sure to bring your school ID, along with $5 to enter! All proceeds go to charity! Have fun!

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