UMatter Week Comes to Groves

On Monday, May 21, Groves begins it’s first UMatter week. The week will consist of various events and gifts to make students feel like they matter. Some of these fun and creative activities include snack bags, sidewalk decorating, TED style talks, movies, and so much more. Leading up to the week in question, this years Reflections contest holds a similar premise to the week, I'm Happiest When...The contest will be taking many different types of art, from short films, to poetry, and even original songs from April 30 to May 15. The winners from the written works portion and multimedia portion will both receive $250 prizes. Once Monday, May 21 comes, the week begins with snack bags, small snack

The Beauty of Freezing Rain

Something terribly beautiful happens every so often when it rains while the weather is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The rain, as it falls, freezes on contact with everything and anything, creating a huge hazard and a gorgeous masterpiece that nature has laid upon the land. When this happens, it can cause huge disruptions in people daily lives, especially their social lives. On Sunday, April 15, hundreds of thousands of DTE Energy customers were unpleasantly surprised to wake up to no power. Good news is that almost all of those affected by the storm should have their power back by the evening of Tuesday, April 17. Although this appeared to have a negative effect on many, all I could see was

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