Maroon 5 Hits the Stage with the Red Pill Blues Tour!

From the songs “Payphone” to “Wait” I have always been a Maroon 5 lover. The lead singer, Adam Levine’s, voice has always stuck out to me and his lyrics are very creative. Maroon 5 puts a lot of meaning and soul into their music, making it easy as an audience member to connect with their music. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I’ve dreamed of seeing Adam Levine in concert. I never thought I would get the chance to see him,so I was ecstatic when my mom got me tickets to see him on September 30th for the Red Pill Blues Tour at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena. When Maroon 5 came on stage they opened with the song “What Lovers Do” and closed with “Sugar”. Levine’s voice alone is indescribable. T

Football Coach Brendan Flaherty Scores His Hundredth Win

Football Coach Brendan Flaherty didn't even know it. But the team's playoff victory on October 19 against long-time-rival Seaholm was Flaherty’s 100th win. Flaherty only found out when assistant coach Brian Hafner gave him the game ball. After coach Flaherty speaks at the end of each game, he always asks the other coaches if they want to add anything about the game. Hafner stepped up and said, “I just want to give it up to coach Flare. Tonight is his 100th win, and it’s great to do it against Seaholm.” The football game started on the rough side with Seaholm winning 9 to 6. During halftime something came over Groves football players. Senior cornerback Josh Salter made two game changing i

"Funky Ferndale"

I usually hate art shows. The art is so boring, does not speak to me, and is not funky. The first time I went to Funky Ferndale I thought it would be just another boring art show. When my dad parked his car, and we walked in, it was a whole different story. The first thing I noticed were people with ocean blue hair, skull and flower tattoos, jeans up to their thighs, and lip and nose piercings. Everything was so overwhelming to look at, I knew this would be different from any other art show I’d been to. I’ve been to Funky Ferndale for the last four years each September, and I am never disappointed. Just being part of that environment is a memorable experience. You can expect to see the most

An Hour at the Yates Cider Mill

My mouth watered as I pulled into the parking lot of the Yates Cider Mill, located on E Avon Rd in Rochester Hills. Lively chatter accompanied by cinnamon wafts drifted through the air. Slipping through the mud that was enveloping the parking lot, I finally found my way to the pathway leading up to the main building. Smells of cinnamon, donuts and apples completely took over. After waiting in a crowded line and ordering, I walked out to see what else they had to offer. They had tents selling pumpkins, fudge, apples, and other products. As I looked around, I noticed a small bridge with a stream under it. The fall breeze and running stream perfectly complimented the tranquil state of the cider

“Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love” Album Review

Five years after Snoop Dogg’s “Reincarnated” album, a new album called “The Bible of Love” was released on March 16, 2018. Being off the charts for over five years, critics thought that Snoop Dogg had fallen off… and they were right. Snoop Dogg’s new album is awful! I despise many of the songs in the album, with every song making me want to tear my ears off. Starting off, the intro to the album “Thank you Lord” doesn't really feel like an intro. It just repeats “I just want to love you Lord” over and over. Although the vocals are good by Chris Bolton, they get repetitive and the lyrics don’t really have much meaning. The beginning of the song “Love For God” is actually pretty nice. With so

How three sophomores overcame hardships to form their band The Plastic Beach

Sophomores Lily Paul, Mecca Terrell, and Saarah Fattouh formed their own band, called The Plastic Beach. All three shared different stories about their inspirations, how they began, and the hardships they overcame to keep this young band thriving and friends. The documentary also features a recording of their popular song, “Wannabe (Friends)”, which played on Rodney's Underground Garage for SiriusXMU.

Groves parent and local celebrity Karen Newman gives Scriptor exclusive interview at the 2018 Powder

Groves parent Karen Newman, the Red Wings national anthem singer, gave us an exclusive interview at the 2018 Annual Powderpuff charity game. Newman shares with co-editor-in-chief Hope Tushman how she got started as a musician, her best memories singing for the Red Wings for 25 years, and advice for students interested in becoming a professional singer. This video juxtaposes Karen Newman singing the national anthem for the Powderpuff game with earlier moments where Newman sings on national TV and for the Red Wings.

Groves victory against Harrison and pink out inspires community. This Frida

Waves of pink undulated across the bleachers as students, parents, and staff celebrated the pink out, centered around breast cancer awareness at the Groves football game against Harrison, on October 12. Anticipating the big game against one of the Falcon’s closest rivals, wide receiver Jackson Tinsley explained the competition between the two teams. “Two years ago we went into overtime against Harrison. It was a double overtime but we beat them. Last year we went into triple overtime, still beating them. The year before that we knocked them out of the playoffs, which was a huge upset. They are mad and want to get back at us. With 2018 being their last year having a football program before th

Astroworld - Dual Album Review

Review 1: Draque Williams You may know him as the man that “gives you goosebumps every time.” Travis Scott is a 26-year-old rapper whose creativity in the studio has let his music glide his way into our ears. Travis Scott’s latest album Astroworld has had him up on the charts of the Top 100 Billboard. His top songs “Stargazing” and “Sickomode” have reached #4 and #8 on the top billboard 100, which has shown us that he can most definitely slide into mainstream music while we keep his songs on repeat on our phones and radios. When I first listened to “Stargazing” the beat in the beginning made me want to jump around my room and just uplifted my mood. The crazy part is that the lyrics had no pa

Album Review - Drip Harder

“Drip harder” by Lil baby and Gunna was released on October 5th, 2018. The album consists of great hype songs such as “never recover”, “business is business”, and “off white vlone” mixed in with relatable and mind filling music such as “close friends”, “i am”, and “underdog”, . The album features very popular rappers like Drake, Young Thug, Lil Durk, and NAV. Lil baby and Gunna are two Atlanta rappers at the peak of their musical careers. Lil baby is 23-years-old, best known for his songs “Freestyle”,”Yes indeed”, and “My dawg”. Gunna is 25- years-old, best known for his songs “Drip too hard” and “Drip or drown”--which blew up earlier this year because of the popular dance called “Woah” tha

Aubrey and the Three Migos; An Unforgettable Concert Experience

Photo: Members of the group Migos, Takeoff (left) and Offset (right) sing their song “Slippery” during the opening of the concert. When it was announced that some of my favorite artists were going on tour together, I knew I had to go. It was the “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour”, headlining was Drake and opening for him was Migos. The venue was Little Caesars, which was just recently built in downtown Detroit. There are generally around three-four rows of people in general admission at Little Caesars, which were the tickets that I got. My two friends and I went to the venue two hours before the concert started in order to get a good spot. We walked into the arena, which was already filled w

A Simple Favor Review

I am not one who would typically go out and see a scary movie, but when I saw the trailer for A Simple Favor, I knew I had to see it. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in one movie? That is right up my alley. Although not as scary as portrayed in the trailer, A Simple Favor had it’s dark twists of horror. A Simple Favor revolves around Stephanie, who is a “mommy vlogger”. Stephanie meets one of her son’s friends mom, and they instantly become best friends. Although it seems Emily is just a wealthy mom who overly enjoys a martini, Stephanie soon learns everything is not as it seems. Emily disappears and Stephanie devotes herself, as well as her mommy vlog, to finding her friend. As she becomes a

Band of Rogues Comic

Band of Rogues is my comic, it will be updated every other friday with a new strip. It follows the (mis)adventures of an adventuring party made up of Zynsis Shavva, the start of this week’s strip, and four characters yet to come: Hercule Maywhether, Seirilia Madani, Udoboor Ciccar, and Tandal Aedius. These are characters I made for fifth edition dungeons and dragons, this story will follow a similar format to a D&D campaign.

Groves Alumna Callie Barnas Makes a Statement on Madison Avenue

It’s evident that adapting to a university atmosphere after being sheltered in a monotonic high school setting can be a daunting task for any student. Furthermore, despite the audacious efforts of high school speech electives, secondary education can’t really prepare you for the national press conferences that come attached to being the first college freshman featured in a reputable art exhibit located in the “Capital of the World”, New York City. Groves alumna, Callie Barnas found herself situated in this position during her second month at the School of Visual Arts, studying under the 3D design department curated by Kevin O’Callaghan. The exhibit, titled “Obsessorize”, conquered the street

Though “Venom” is Infected With Negative Reviews, it’s a Roaring Good Time

I’ve been a Venom fan since I was a kid. I grew up with the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon that my father bought. I grew up with Groves graduate Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, in which Venom/Eddie Brock is played by Topher Grace. So when I heard about the production of a “Venom” solo movie, I was excited. “Venom” lived up to my expectations, though my expectations weren’t incredibly high. But does it deserve a 31% on Rotten Tomatoes? No. “Venom” is the story of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a San Francisco-based journalist, set up to interview the CEO of Life Foundation, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a kind of Elon-Musk-mixed-with-Carl-Sagan, but evil. After discovering confidential Life Foundation docume

Powder Puff 2018 Montage (Video)

This video shows a montage of the coaches and players getting ready for the 17th epic rivalry between the juniors and seniors, where the class of 2019 won Powderpuff 2018 for the second year in a row on October 3. Video: Myrkia Maguire

Mystery Man Takes Over Homecoming

One of the highlights of homecoming was this mystery-dancing-machine. This student used so many new moves, hordes of students surrounded him to capture his dancing. If you know who this man is please contact the Groves Scriptor so we can interview him about his dance moves. Photos: Caden Meyers

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