Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist II speaks at Groves' annual Dr. King Jr. celebration

Photos by Nicole Bastian Newly elected Lieutenant governor of Michigan, Garlin Gilchrist II, opens Groves' annual Dr. King Day celebration on January 16 The first African American to serve as lieutenant governor of Michigan, Garlin Gilchrist II, also served as the honored guest speaker at Groves’ annual celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on January 16, invited by English teacher Amy Voigt. When Voigt taught Ellen Smith in the early 1990’s, little did Voigt know she would be reaching out to Ellen’s future husband, Garlin Gilchrist II, to be the honored speaker for this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. day assembly. Months after Gilchrist II agreed, he became Michigan’s current Lieutena

Cirque Du Soleii

The circus is coming to town! Next week Little Caesars Arena is hosting Cirque Du Soleii. Cirque du Soleii is an amazing circus performance where there are acrobats, people who walk on stilts, and live magical music that echoes off the walls. The most interesting part of this show is the one of a kind orchestra that travels along with the show, giving you the best entertainment of your life. I went to Cirque du Soleii last year with my mom around Christmas time and let me tell you something, I never expected it to be this good. I have seen a lot of decent circus performances in my day, including Great Smoky Mountain Opries, Magic shows with lions, and ones with celebrities, but none includin

Tutorial: Drawing a Lizard

Drawing is a useful skill and something that brings a little joy into my otherwise bland life. Lizards are also something I belive add a little spice in my life. So, drawing lizards is extremely cool. The first step to drawing a lizard is to find reference of lizards. You can’t draw lizards unless you know what a lizard looks like. Once I understand what the lizard looks I draw it in pencil. While I’m drawing it I picture the shapes that the lizard is built from. Doing this will helps the lizard look more “3d” when you draw the outline and shade. This step is relatively easy; grab a pen and trace your sketch. I chose to use a thicker line to give my lizard a more graphic feel. Then, I erase

The Possession of Hannah Grace Movie Review

As I drifted into the theatre, a familiar chill of adrenaline ran down my spine. From the rapid shaking occurring in my hands while passing the cashier money, the quiver in my voice as I asked for a small popcorn at the snack bar, and my overwhelming chattiness, you would’ve thought it was my first time watching a horror movie. Maybe it was the grande iced coffee I chugged previous to entering the theatre, or maybe it was from my reaction to the trailer when I watched it home alone very late one night, but something about this movie was making me more anxious than usual. The Possession of Hannah Grace is your typical horror movie. The main character, or “victim”, is fresh out of therapy. It

The Internet Concert Review

The Internet is more than just a global computer network used by countless people to share and connect with one another. It’s alluring and eclectic, making it a sanctuary for entertainment and expression. It’s eclectic in the types of tracks that are made, and the types of people who like them. It’s alluring because of the dreamy feeling it oozes, as if you were to hold its hand and forget through the chill rhythm that you were doing so half-way through. In the digital age, The Internet is giving a new name to R&B with its most recent album Hive Mind. The buzz conspiring from The Internet’s new album Hive Mind came alive from the moment I stepped into line. I was surprised to find that the l

Tips for parenting a bearded dragon

I became a parent when I was just 8 years old. The choice was all mine, but I was completely unprepared; how could an eight-year-old girl prepare for something like this? Now I know what you’re thinking; what was the baby’s name? I named her Lucky because I was so lucky to have her in my life. Actually, I’m still rather lucky that she’s still around; those first few years were what you could call a “learning experience”. With that said, I can assure you this eight-year journey has taught true joy and hardships of being responsible for another life. Late nights, medical surprises, and sacrifices are certainly part of the package, but not without the joy, love, and feeling of completeness

Movie Review: Aquaman

I have a lot of feelings about what constitutes a “good” Superhero movie. A fair amount of action, no unnecessary romantic subplots, and villains with understandable motivations are a few of them. I really didn’t expect any of this out of Aquaman, and it seems my lack of disappointment comes from a lack of standards, rather than a subversion of them. While it is jam-packed with action, the over-the-top fight scenes seem displaced and are unsatisfying. This is only amplified by poor dialogue, the likes of which are supported only by one-liners that happen so frequently they soon become unfunny and incredibly predictable, and the terrible costume design. I guarantee if you searched five minute

iPhone XR Review

Apple just recently released its iPhone XR on October 26th, and it is one of the best deals Apple has offered yet. At the price of $749, you get 95% of the iPhone X’s performance for about 75% of the original price. Despite paying significantly less, customers still receive Apple’s A12 bionic chip. This particular chip is said to be the smartest and most powerful chip to ever be in a smartphone. It’s nine times faster than the A11; it uses 50% less power resulting in longer battery lifespans, and it can perform up to 5 trillion operations per second. While there are compromises, such as only having portrait mode on people, the phone has managed to keep up with the other Apple pr

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