Are Dragon Breath Nitrogen Puffs Dangerous?

First of all, what makes this product so popular? One of the main sources to Dragon Breath company selling success is the nitrogen gas. The process starts off with cereal puffs, that taste a lot like Fruit Loops and then topped off with Captain Crunch cereal. This may sound very tempting to try, but don’t waste your seven dollars on a cup of nitrogen that taste like puke. When you get the frozen cup of colorful puffs, your adrenaline starts rushing and you can’t wait to “smoke a puff”. When you first bite into the puff you can hear the crackle of the puff which is the consistency of Pirate's Booty which is a popular snack and the sound of pop rocks crackling in your saliva all at once. When

What Men Want Movie Review(Spoilers)

What Men Want is heartwarming comedy features main character Ali Davis, played by Taraki P. Henson. Over the course of this movie, we experience Ali gaining the ability to read men’s minds. Ali Davis is a sports agent at a firm and is eager to sign the new hot NBA draft pick, Jamal Berry, played by Shane Paul McGhie. Although, she finds it hard to move up the “latter” at her job, after surely realizing that gaining recognition would be harder than she thought. After all, she does not understand what men want, at least for now. After a physic reading at her friend's bachelorette party, everything is about to take a toll on her. This may be because the physic reader they sent in was found on F

Isn't It Romantic Movie Review

On February 13, a new light hearted romantic comedy hit the theaters. Isn’t It Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson was a hilarious spin on a typical rom-com. I expected the movie to be one of those mediocre stupid-funny films that you see once and never think about again. But, Isn’t It Romantic exceeded my expectations by adding a deeper meaning in the end to coincide with its mainly comical aspects. It featured tons of incredible actors including Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth. The movie began with a flashback of young Natalie watching the classic romantic comedy Pretty Women with her shallow mother. She watched Julia Roberts in awe, hoping for her life to be like Roberts’ cha

BPS Alumna Haley Stevens sworn in as U.S. Representative

Going in as a Seaholm alumna, exiting out as a U.S. representative. That's what congresswoman Haley Stevens did on January 27 at her official swearing in ceremony at Seaholm’s auditorium. Graduating from Seaholm High School in 2001, Stevens is now a fighting to expand the educational opportunities given to students in her role as U.S. congresswoman “We've got to look at the education opportunities for everybody it shouldn't matter what zip code that you live in you should have access to good quality education. I think we should lower the cost of higher educations. I don't think that means that every person has to go into college because there's so many ways to connect into our innovation, o

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