Check out CJ Barrymore's New Attractions!

For those of you who may not know and who are big fans of adventure, CJ Barrymore’s has some new attractions you should check out. I went to CJ’S over spring break and had a blast. Not that much was open although I did enjoy The Grand Pix Race Track, laser tag, bungee jumping and more! Some new attractions that were open included the Spinning Roller Coaster and the Soaring Eagle Zipline. This zip line was a blast and unlike any others. Visitors wanting to soar to new heights should try out this ride. Two people sit down and get strapped in, the ride then starts off going back up a line to the top of a pole. The rider waits a couple of seconds until a latch mechanism is released to soar the z

Camp Ticonderoga: Wonderful Experience and Food!

Traditional Coney Islands are of course always cheap and fun, but sometimes you gotta award yourself. Camp Ticonderoga is just the way to go. This restaurant may not be cheap, but the filling portions of food and the wild atmosphere is enough to keep you coming back. When you walk into Camp Ticonderoga you are greeted by lots of animal heads such as deer, buffalo, elk and more. This may sound creepy but I promise it is nothing cringy. They are located on a golf course, so most people play a game or two and then head in for a late lunch. Camp Ticonderoga is my favorite restaurant and I ask my parents to take me here for my birthday every year because the whole experience is incredible. The at

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