Groves junior AJ Camisa again inspires community to raise funds to help battle his mom's second

Love. Fight. Win. Live. High school junior AJ Camisa and his mom Robyn Campagne stood by these words during Campagne’s battle with cancer. Camisa formed his fundraiser, Team Robyn, to help raise money for Robyn the first time she was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago. When Camisa found out about his mom’s cancer, his head began to spiral. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know how to respond. “I just put myself in my room and was by myself and just thinking through my head: what can I do to help and make an impact through this, because it’s hard on me, but it must be so much harder on my mom,” Camisa said. This is when Camisa was inspired to start his T-shirt campaign. “It cli

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