Just Mercy

I think all five areas, innocence and error, inadequate counsel, racial bias, arbitrariness and public safety, which mentioned in the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) article are very important and definitely need fixing. However, I think the biggest problem with the death penalty is the Racial Bias which still exists today. In my opinion, the bias shown towards certain races then also contributes to the other issues. According to EJI almost half of the people who have been placed on death row were African Americans. With this data it is easy to see the prevailing bias when determining these cases. Not only is the high percentage such a problem but also all the other issues it creates. The art

Groves beats Rochester in the highest scoring game of the season

Friday the 13th did not spell bad luck for the varsity football team with their highest scoring win of the season, defeating Rochester 42 to 0. “We didn't want to think they were nothing, so we prepared. They weren't amazing, but we did not want to let our guard down to them,” defensive end Logan Flaherty said. The Falcons were up 42 to 0 at half time. Flaherty explained the team's strategy behind maintaining their lead in the second half. “We kept our foot on their throats,” Flaherty said. “We were up by 42, and we didn't give them a chance to make any good plays.” Because of injuries on the team, corner-back Jack Woods stepped up to play quarterback for the first time on varsity.

The Death Penalty

The biggest issue with the death penalty today is innocence and error. Even if one found the death penalty morally right, which I do not, many people who have been on death row have been found to be innocent (1 in 9 to be exact). When I think of that staggering statistic, I see just how corrupt the justice system is. With other issues such as racial bias, I believe that the root cause is found in the over-policing of lower-class neighborhoods which are unfortunately dominated by racial minorities. Inadequate counsel is the byproduct of over expensive attorneys and poor funding by the states. Arbitrariness is mostly an issue of the past; I am not shocked by the fact that an estimated 20% of d

The Legacy of Juice Wrld

I tend to overthink a lot, like any other anxious teenager. The thoughts of college, college applications, SATs, what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, and every now and then how I’ll be remembered by the world. There are so many things in life that I am unsure of, but I know for certain that I want to make a mind-blowing impact on this world. As a teenager/young person myself, hearing about people my age or maybe slightly older than me dying really takes a toll on me. It makes me realize how quick it is for someone to lose their life, and never get a do-over. Seeing so many young celebrities making an actual impact on this world inspires me to do better, and also be better, but one

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