My Modeling Journey

My heart dropped. The engine of my family's car revved in the exhausting summer heatwave. The crisp air conditioning ricocheted through my eardrum, sending chills down my spine. Butterflies erupted through my stomach, almost causing my early morning breakfast to greet my lips again. An absolute mess, I embarked on the treacherous journey to Malibu. My head spun and my eyes grew dizzy as the California sun reflected off the car windows. I had no idea what to expect during my meeting with Cynthia Kirchner, a Victoria’s Secret model. For as long as I could remember, I have always aspired to be a model. Growing up with a young mom, my love for fashion bloomed at an early age. Her youthfulness al

Photo journey down barren streets of Detroit during stay-at-home order

Photo by Jack Peltz Woodward, near Comerica Park and the Fillmore Theater, on April 14, reveals near empty streets as the COVID 19 virus swept through the city, making it one of the virus hot spots and highlighting how economic disparity played a role in the spread and treatment of the disease. I had seen the images and videos coming out of Wuhan of empty streets and boarded up shops, but I never imagined that I would ever see anything like that here, until COVID-19 came here and Michigan, especially Detroit, became a hot spot. On April 14 my mom and I traveled to Detroit to see the effect the corona-virus had on the city. While I expected it to be empty, I never expected it to be as barren

Photography as a safe journey outside

There are many important qualities to photography and photographers. While you can sit at home and take photos of your pets, your dinner, or those you have been trapped with through the stay safe order, those photos won’t get you out of COVID induced inertia. Photography is about adventure and the stories behind each photo, the moments in time and the images that help us remember. I want my photos to be a window to show new places or a new twist on the seemingly mundane, to show the hidden side of something we see everyday. Below, I have showcased photos I took throughout the year, even before the stay-safe-stay-home order, to get myself into the moment and out of inertia. All photos by Ca

New bathrooms and improved sanitation may alleviate student concerns post Covid

Unusable. Unsanitary. Unwelcoming. Those three words were often used by Groves High School students to describe the school bathrooms. When junior Jim Allen walked into the Groves bathroom one morning, he hoped that since it was the beginning of the school day the bathrooms would be clean and functional. Unfortunately for him, that was not the case. With sparse daylight trickling through the windows and only one light working, the trip was already off to a rough start. He tried toilet after toilet to find a working one; he had to do the same with the sinks. After finally finding a working toilet and faucet, he then struggled with the broken soap dispenser. Finally, he was left to rub his soak


Photos by: Kaitlyn Williams I embrace my mother at my favorite restaurant, Imperial, after my 8th grade promotion on June 12, 2018. I wanted to thank her for always being so supportive about me wanting to attend Groves although the current school I was attending went up to twelfth grade, and understanding throughout all the challenges I’ve faced with my mental health. BANG 2 am October 10, 2004. It was about 3 am. My mom had just finished feeding me, the newborn daughter, when the phone rang startling her. ‘Who could be calling this late?’ she thought. When she looked at the phone, she realized it was her husbands’ number. She hurried to answer the phone, but to her surprise, when she an

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