These video and photos are all from my travels in the summer: including the Grand Tetons, Malibu California, Acadia Maine, New York City and Yellowstone. I leave every summer to explore and experience adrenaline-filled adventures-- surfing, mountain biking, and waterfall jumping--with my best friends. No family. We enjoy living like locals and get the rush many tourists never feel.  We only know about hidden gems because we take time to befriend those who live there year-long. These new friends show us unknown hikes, surf breaks, rafting spots, secret building tops and caves only known by locals. Every time I come back to visit these places, I have more people to meet and hang out with. I haven't been home in the month of July since 2011. I wouldn't want it any other way. Traveling has been a much-needed escape from everything to do with home.  Through my photos and videos, I capture that freedom.

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