Robotics team helping with Flint water crisis

Students can help the Robotics team raise 2,960 bottles of water by dropping off a case of water to the robotics lab at Seaholm at 3pm-5pm on January 27th - February 5th to send to Flint to help children in need.

Q&A with Engineering Technology teacher and Co-robotics Coach Rosa Everitt:

Shane Donovan: So why did you choose this cause?

Rosa Everitt: As a mom, it really bothers me that there are children who don’t have clean water. I think about my boys, and they take baths and they swim and play in the water and they have a great time. And I don’t even think about it if they drink the water. Just knowing that there has to be this concern that those kids are being poisoned just really upsets me. No parent, child, or person in general should ever have to live with the fear of a resource like that hurting their lives.

SD: Why do you encourage students to donate to the cause?

RE: Well, you never know when someone needs something. In Birmingham, or Waterford, or in Clarkston, we don’t know that somebody is in need. But now we do. And I just think that taking a simple four dollars and buying a case of water and giving back to someone who can’t necessarily buy the water, or to a family who’s already got so much on their mind is the smallest way that as a 14 or 18 year old, we can give back to someone.

SD: How will you get the water there?

RE: As far as the robotics team, we do have a trailer, which we’ll be loading up to get water in there. We have trucks, we have Ford Flexes, we have parents who are already willing to jump on board to help bring the water over to Art Van in Royal Oak. We’re going to bring the water over there to send up to Flint.

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