The Best Halloween Movies

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween. Costumes are being prepared, pumpkins are being carved, candy is en-route to your house and decorations are already looking scary. Whether you like it or not, this spooky atmosphere can influence your movie options! But worry not, there is a surprising amount of Halloween movies for the whole family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: This movie is possibly the most iconic Halloween movie of all time. Written by the infamous Tim Burton and animated by disney, i think that we can all agree this movie touched our hearts. Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King no longer enjoys Halloween and after traveling to Christmas Town he is inspired to take the reigns on this holiday. Although this movie has a somewhat creepy animation style, i personally believe that this movie is essential to the celebration of such a scary holiday.

Halloween Town: Perhaps one of the most memorable disney movies, A young girl who learns that she is a witch puts her skills to the task. Accompanied by a few siblings and a magic wielding grandma, this girl helps to save a whole town of supernatural creatures. If you are looking for a somewhat spooky movie for the kids, this would be a safe bet!

Casper: Have you been looking for the perfect blend of paranormal activity and family fun? Look no further, This movie would be great for a younger child because it isn’t scary at all. Casper is a friendly ghost and it shows as he tries to help a “ghost therapist” and his daughter throughout this movie. The main villain’s in this movie are 3 troublemaking ghosts who have no regard for personal space but there is also a money grubbing villain who we see a lot of as well. Worry not though, with Casper helping this family almost nothing can go wrong.

Hocus Pocus: Made in 1993, Hocus Pocus tells the story of two teenagers, a young girl and an immortal cat on Halloween night. Their quest is to stop 3 witches who are resurrected into Salem, Massachusetts after centuries of being dead. This movie definitely has a few laughs and is easily a classic.

The Haunted Mansion: This goofy halloween movie stars Eddie Murphy as the father of a family who moves into a haunted mansion. After figuring out that the mansion is haunted, this family tries to escape their funny environment. The movie also teaches a few good lessons and could be good for younger children who only want laughs.

These 5 halloween movies are vitally important to any child’s holiday experience. If you are interested in watching them most are available on netflix or on ABC Family’s “13 Days of Halloween” marathon. I for one, have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas 3 separate times last weekend! Don’t forget to enjoy your Halloween Falcons!

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