A Winter in Michigan

Living in Michigan you will learn that the weather here is crazy and unpredictable. This time last year the ground was covered knee high with snow. Looking outside right now, all I see is dead grass and trees with no leaves. It’s February 4th today and it has probably snowed about five times this winter. It has rained more than it has snowed. On Christmas morning, Michigan woke up to see no snow at all. It was our first green Christmas in probably forever. I took this picture because I was in shock when I saw it was snowing. I was just about to walk into DSW. Last year today there was snow everywhere and it was freezing cold. I woke up this morning to find it surprisingly warm and rainy. Winter is over soon and I have a feeling this summer will either be very cold or scorching hot. Michigan is well known for its bipolar weather. I love this picture because it shows the beauty of Michigan, even when its not.

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