Adele Album Review

Lounging across my bed on a lazy Saturday afternoon, I idly flipped through the pages of my biology textbook, halfheartedly scrawling notes on the endoplasmic reticulum of animal cells, when the door to my room crashed open. As is often the manner of my older sister, knocking is just a suggestion, and not one to be taken very seriously for that matter. With her phone grasped excitedly in her white knuckled hand, her headphones swinging to the floor with reckless abandon, and an expression of cunning jubilation etched into her face that was all too familiar to me, I was well prepared for what was coming next.

“Fayth, you HAVE to hear this song!”

And with that lively backdrop, I was introduced to Adele’s explosive return to the music industry following a 3 year hiatus.My favorites were “Water Under the Bridge,” “When We Were Young,” and “Send My Love (To Your New Lover).” If I had to choose one, it would be “Water Under the Bridge.” When Adele belts out, “Let me photograph you in this light/in case this is the last time/that we might be exactly like we were before we realized/we were scared of getting old/it made us restless,” you can feel her urgency to capture that idyllic immortality of youth that is so fleeting and passes by so swiftly. You can almost feel it slipping through your fingers. Even me, at the tender age of 18, couldn’t help but get swept up into the vivid imagery she created. Standing at the precipice of adulthood, this song felt incredibly relatable to me. Although Adele is referencing an entirely different time in her life, I could relate to it as well because it deals with an ending of sorts. That desire to hold onto what we know and what is comfortable, and that fear of losing out on uncomplicated youth is evident in what she is trying to convey. They all had different styles to them, but were immeasurably great in different ways. This entire album had such a fresh take on Adele. She has such an extraordinary voice, that I always expected the great quality of the music, but this time it was the whole package. The lyrics, the instrumental, the voice; they all wrapped together into one magnificent gift. This album had a very reminiscent quality about it, which was clearly seen through the very strong time motif intricately weaved into the romantic songs. She is acknowledging the all too real reality of aging and time passing. This felt like both a remembrance of her past, as well as a welcoming of her future and an acceptance of her presence. Adele seamlessly pulled off what all artists strive for, an uninhibited longing to go out and live your life.

*Read more in the upcoming June 2016 issue of the Scriptor Article by Fayth Kakos

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