3 Easy tips for finals by Connor Mason

Finals. The bane of every high school students existence. They’re here again and not slowing down for any student, so what can you do to make sure you’re prepared for them? Fear not, I have a list of 3 golden rules for finals.

  1. Ask any student who has actually taken a final and they will tell you the hardest part of finals is the endless amounts of studying. When you’re sitting down at the table with your head in a book getting literally nothing out of the experience at 2 am, it can be extremely overwhelming. A good way to deal with studying for finals is to split up your time into small increments so you have a break once every hour and start ahead of time so you’re never cramming at the last minute.

  2. Make sure not to overwork yourself, like i said you should be taking breaks. One other way to combat exhaustion can be to keep yourself healthy. This means going to sleep at a reasonable hour, keeping yourself hydrated and even having a snack if you need it. Apples are a good way to keep yourself alert as well as any iced tea you might have around.

  3. The last rule is probably the most important, make sure to be organized. If you really care about doing well on your finals then you won't mess around with your study time. If you are organized, you can make a schedule with what you want to study and when. For example: If you have gotten good grades in a particular unit for a class, move your study time for that chapter to the end of the week so you have more time for other units that you might have had a harder time on.

Overall, finals can be pretty stressful. If you can manage your time correctly then they aren’t so bad. Just remember to take breaks, be organized and get as much sleep as you need.

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