Groves Upholds School of Character Designation Through School Wide Service

In the same light as Falcon Family Friday and the formation of student sections for each sport, the school is coming together once again, this time for community service. Make a Difference Day is on October 24th and the school is taking nearly 100 students to volunteer at Dossin Elementary school in Detroit. Students will work together on various beautification projects within the school which include painting lockers. In order to participate, volunteers must have their permission slips turned into the office by October 21st. Counselor Norman Hurns is one of the main coordinators of the event and believes that this service project will represent Groves being a school of character.

“Make a difference day has been going on for almost 25 years and it’s the largest day of volunteerism in the United States. Going forward we want to make sure that we’re still doing things within the community,” Hurns said. “Also it’s an opportunity to help a school in Detroit and change the environment and we’re going to take three hours to make that happen”. This is the current state of the hallways at Dossin Elementary School in Detroit. Students will work together to beautify the school and create a better learning environment on October 21st.

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