Socially Charitable

When I think of the term “charity event” I usually think of an event that includes something hand’s on or active. Something like a color run, a dance marathon, or even something like where a large group of people gets together and helps refurbish a house. What I didn’t connotate that term with was getting dressed up for a night out with my best friends while dancing to great music. The Toys For Tots Charity Dance event was unlike any other form of community service or charity work I’d ever participated in before. The dance is held every year, starting back about 5 years ago. It is chaired by the Toys for Tots Foundation as well as one Seaholm student who steps up to the plate to plan and organize everything. This year, the event was held at the Troy Community Center. The cost to enter the dance was either the donation of one or more unwrapped toys, or a donation of $10 or more. All of the toys donated and proceeds were donated to families in need, with small children who couldn’t afford the luxury of play toys. The attire was formal, girls in Christmas-esque dresses with fancy heels, and boys in button downs and sweaters. The live party music was DJ’ed by one of Seaholm’s very own students, a student who goes by the DJ name of King Spookey. To complete the feel of a classy event, tables were decorated with textured tablecloths and elegant center pieces, while the buffet tables held arrays of various desserts that were all donated by the students.

The overall atmosphere of the event was lively and fun. Student’s were crowding the already packed dance floor, dancing with everyone as the DJ played mashups of new hit songs. Almost everywhere you looked, groups of people could be seen engaging in conversations where everyone burst out laughing every ten seconds. The shrieks of friends who hadn’t seen each other in a while was followed by the flash of a camera, documenting the picture that would later end up on social media, portraying their smiling faces with their arms wrapped around one another. The energy that buzzed throughout the event hall was contagious; not one person stood alone, and not one person looked like they weren’t enjoying themselves. It probably didn’t help that the amount of treats offered gave its consumers a sugar rush. Everyone who participated in the Toys For Tots Dance was happy to be surrounded by great friends, and knowing that they were participating in an event that not only benefitted each student’s social life, but an event that benefitted those less fortunate.

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