Q&A With YouTuber and Sophomore at Groves High School Peechos

Sophomore and Youtuber William Hess, or Peechos

Sophomore Will Hess, or Peechos, tries to balance his school life with his YouTube channel

Aspiring content creator and YouTube star William Hess, or Peechos as he’s known by his 87 subscribers, is working hard to create a channel where he can share what he loves with other people. He has agreed to participate in a Q&A session to help people understand more about his channel and how he can share his life with his fans. Check out his channel here:

Q what inspired you to start making videos

A so I was watching Ricegum and there was this one distrack where he said I call you shrek cause you look like an ogre and that’s when I decided to make my own videos Q how long have you been on YouTube and do you have other channels A had other channels my first ever video was on another channel called sw battlefront bros and I made a review of a controller Q how long have you been on YouTube A I just made my new channel, Peechos, in the middle of august

Q where do you see yourself and your YouTube channel in 5 years

A In 5 years I will have 7 million subs Q what message are you trying to get across with your videos A I trying to like bring stuff I like to other people R what kind of stuff do you like A just like messing around with other people and once I get a vlog camera I will start vlogging stuff I do Q do people from school find your channel A yes a lot of freshmen and sophomores watch my videos

Q what does the name Peechos mean A I was on my ps4 and was looking at available gamer tags and one of the names was pechos and in Spanish that means boobs so I added another e Q how did you get your iconic penguin channel art A so I looked up Peechos on google images and then a penguin came up and it was the logo for Peechos Printing Company so I took it for my channel because I’m more popular and my friend john cook made a poster for me and I put it on my backdrop Q what are some of your favorite small youtubers that you would like to collaborate with in the future A Battlefront Buddies of course is one of my favorite small channels

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