Detroit Pistons move Downtown

The new stadium for the Detroit Pistons and other Detroit teams, the Little Cesar’s arena, is a much newer, state-of-the art arena with many restaurants, stores and other entertainment options including a variety of places for everyone to eat and many social places gather with your friends and family.

Many fans had doubts about moving downtown, but most people are excited about going to the up and coming District Detroit Area. The new stadium is rumored to have the largest jumbotron in the country, with the highest quality resolution. The new stadium has high end seating and intimate seating arrangement, bringing the fans in closer to the action.

The Pistons have many new and returning players to draw new and old fans to the new stadium. The players include shooting guard Avery Bradley, highly touted, rookie, shooting guard Luke Kennard and also returning, are our stars, point guard Reggie Jackson and center Andre Drummond. Coach Stan Van Gundy told the press on September 25, “The Pistons have less public swagger, and a more business like tone as the pistons ready for camp.”

The Pistons are amped up to see Bradley’s calling card of defense, Jackson’s healthy knee, and Drummond’s renewed focus and commitment towards this year. The Pistons are hoping to build a booming and entertaining team and experience for all the fans this year in the new arena.

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