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I watched as senior David Barton tried to blink without raising his eyebrows.

David thought that your eyebrows move when you wink but not when you blink. I realized that, if you look closer, there’s more that meets the eye. I captured this through the lens of my Vlog on September 8. This is just one of my Vlog’s: It’sJBOTime!, where I make mundane, humorous, social experiments--asking girls, for example, if it was ok for a girl to ask a guy to Homecoming. Simple Pickup was the main reason I started making YouTube videos because they always preached about not having to work a 9-5 job and being able to be an entrepreneur and do what you want to do. Simple Pickups channel was about teaching guys how to pick up girls; I tried some of their pickup lines in real life and they didn’t go like how it went in their videos. That’s when I figured out that you can’t just copy someone else and not even add anything unique to it. In their Jumpcut course they said to make content different from the rest. However, they did talk about the remix strategy where you use other people’s ideas and make them into your own. That right there is how I started to make my YouTube channel. I wanted to make my channel a little bit of everything where I would add a little bit of everything. People have VLOG channels, sport channels, public trolling channels, music channels, reaction video channels, etc. YouTube has a list of subscriptions for each account which means that you are subscribed to them and you enjoy watching their content. If you look on YouTube’s website on the left side there will be a tab that says subscriptions and that is where you will see your list of subscriptions. Having a lot of subscribers can be a good thing because YouTube recommends your channel to new YouTube Users. When you subscribe to someone, you get notified when another video is being posted. I am subscribed to: Vitalyzdtv, W2S, Simple Pickup, CurtRichy, DramaAlert, WeSpeakFootball, ComedyShortsGamer, KSI, F2 Freestylers, Jeremy Jahns, Joseph Costello, Teo CRI, Jack Manley TV. Those creators are all unalike because in their content they do post different things, sports, personal stories, comedy, etc. Now for my channel I was thinking of creating content that was similar to another YouTuber along with a little bit of another YouTuber. Each creator on YouTube has there own personality and I can relate to them. The key to making great videos is to create some sort of emotion in their videos. Happiness, sadness, angriness, etc. There are a list of things that content creators do to create viral videos.

  • Tell a Story

  • Challenge or confirm people’s assumptions

  • Inspire people to take action

  • Make people laugh or smile

  • Have unexpected twists

  • Have a fresh point of view

  • Have an underdog story

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