Birmingham Varsity Skating team meets Olympian Meryl Davis

The atmosphere of the Franklin Cider Mill morphed from mundane to dynamic on Sunday, November 12, as the girls of Birmingham Varsity Skating met Olympic ice dancer Meryl Davis. A Groves alumna, Davis competed with Charlie White in the 2014 Olympics to claim gold for the US, after previously winning silver in 2010. Accompanied with her Olympic pursuits, she is a five-time Grand Prix Final champion and six-time US national champion. Captains, Groves senior Callie Barnas and Seaholm junior Emma Morganroth originally planned the meeting as an annual get-together to ignite the season and bond more with new teammates. They did not anticipate meeting a world acknowledged ice dancer. The figure skating team will take inspiration from Davis and apply it to their new season, as they will need an extra boost to make it through newly added Tuesday morning practices.

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