11th Grade Excel Class takes a trip to The National Arab Museum

On Thursday October 26th, the eleventh grade excel class of 2017 took a trip to the National Arab Museum in Dearborn Michigan. 11th grade Excel teacher Mr. Warrow expected the students to have an appreciation for the Arab culture and a sense of stereotypes in the world we live in.

“In the world that we live in today where there are stereotypes and antagonism and incorrect information being spread about islam and the Arab world. This gives our students a chance to see the factual perspective in an engaging way,” Warrow said.

Many students had no idea what to expect going into a museum with such intense history. Warrow had high expectations for the students being able to understand and relate the field trip back to their lessons in class.

Before the field trip to the Arab National Museum, Warrow made sure his students were prepared for the many encounters of tough information and pictures throughout the museum. The students were learning about Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria and had a basic knowledge of the Islam culture and world. This trip gave a deeper understanding to the students and what they were learning.

Downstairs the museum had a new exhibit on stereotypes. This year was the first year that the tour guides of the museum took students down into that exhibit.

“I didn’t know they were going to do that and they didn’t let me know they were going to do that. It was the first time they ever took students of mine there and the women in charge was nervous about it but very professional. I saw the look of the students faces and also when we talked about it and debriefed it was a pretty powerful experience. I thought it was handled well and it was beneficial for the students to experience that exhibit,” Warrow said.

The students responded to their favorite part of the museum and their most powerful experience that influenced them the most. Junior Excel student Drew Levine described his experience at the Museum.

“When we went into the basement and saw all these pictures of people getting mistreated because of how they looked or what religion they were. I realized everyone is different and we need to come together. The experience in the stereotype room was extremely powerful not only for me but for all of the students I’m sure,” Levine said.

Junior Ian Ebbing also commented on the stereotype room as well and how there were many offensive subjects in the room.

“It was hard to look at sometimes. I remember seeing many powerful images that impacted me as a person. I remember a picture from 2006, it was from an anti semitic person and it was depicting them horribly. It was very offensive,” Ebbing said. The museum was just one part of the field trip on October 26th. After seeing the museum and learning about the Arab culture, the students took a walk around downtown Dearborn and ate lunch at local restaurants. “Going out to lunch was very fun. And it’s because when you go into the town of Dearborn, you’re walking by shops that have different things in the window. For example when we walked by one of the salons, you can see that it was targeted to Arab women, because of the way they were showing the pictures. We live in pockets of communities and it was good to see that different community. I’ve never been a Yemeni restaurant and the students tried some different food that they have never tried before. Walking around the town gives you a real life experience,” Warrow said.Overall, many of the students mentioned that they would recommend this experience for future classes. The response from the students was very positive. This trip touched the students and teachers of the Groves high school in many ways. This was a successful trip for the eleventh grade excel class.

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