The Process Of Cold days

Ever wonder how Cold Days are decided?

Since Groves had a Cold Day, I interviewed Dr. Nerad on making the decision to close Groves.

Here are some questions about cold days for the Scriptor:

Dr. Nerad: “Hi Jacob,

Scriptor: What are factors that play into cold days?

Dr. Nerad: The factors that play into cold days are the air temperature and wind chill. Additional considerations include the overall wind chill at the start of the day and throughout the day and our ability to start and run the busses.

Scriptor: What temperature is considered sufficient for a cold day?

Dr. Nerad: Usually we look at wind chill warnings when considering closing schools. These wind chill warnings vary by the temperature and the amount of wind. We generally look at about -25 degrees for the wind chill warning. Much of my decision is based on input from a meteorologist and in consideration of student safety factors.

Scriptor: Is a cold day possible for Thursday or Friday?

Dr. Nerad: Obviously we held school today. I will make a decision about tomorrow early this evening.

Scriptor: What is the main concern of having cold days? How much of an effect does busing have on the decision?

Dr. Nerad: The main concern with cold days rests with student safety considerations. Bussing is one factor that we consider.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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