How do we get Snow Days?

The Winter season is here and I know you're curious as to how we can get snow days this year. So I decided to ask Dr. Nerad some questions about the snow day process.

Scriptor: What determines whether or not we have a snow day?

Dr. Nerad: This is determined with weather related and district related information. Key to the decision about snow days is the overall amount of snow, when the snow begins and ends and the road and walking conditions for students and parents. Every day we consider a snow day I have the opportunity to also work with a meteorologist to help guide my decision and I also talk to key district staff members about overall conditions. We also have a system that allows me to talk to all 28 Oakland County Superintendents to understand the decisions they are making. First and foremost these decisions are based on safety factors.

Scriptor: How much snow do we need in order to have a snow day?

Dr. Nerad: Overall accumulation is one factor in my decision and there is no set limit. Again, much is determined based on when the snow begins and when it is anticipated to end as well as the overall amount. In addition, we look at travel conditions when making our decisions.

Scriptor: If other districts who are close to us close does that have any effect on whether or not we have a snow day?

Dr. Nerad: Each superintendent has to make their own decisions about school closings. We do consider what others are doing, but this is not a sole factor in the decision.

Scriptor: What is the most amount of snow days we can have until we have to make up school days?

Dr. Nerad: There are a number of snow days that do not need to be made up. When those days are exceeded, we have the option to either add more days or extend the remaining days to make up the lost time.

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