Teens and Depression

Every 2 hours a teen takes their own life. The cause of their actions occur from depression. Depression deeply affects more than 20 percent of teens, from ages 13 to 20. Before teens reach adulthood, they are introduced to many obstacles that can cause lots of stress and anxiety to their lives. But it can only get worse from there. Many symptoms such as depression or even suicidal thoughts can intoxicate teens minds. There are many factors that can potentially trigger teen depression. These factors can be grades. Making them feel worthless and pollute their mind with negativity and self esteem issues. More factors can be bullying. Bullying is a major cause for teens to self harm and feel depressed. Teens peers have a big effect on each other in either positive or negative ways. Even the kid that is the “bully” may be depressed and find that the only way to get rid of it is to take it out on other people.

With so many things causing teens to feel disconsolate, their are ways to cope with depression. As for helping people that you know are depressed you can help them by showing them positivity. Such as encouraging their passions and motivating them into getting help with their grades. As for coping with anxiety for yourself you can try focusing on the brighter side of things and build your belief in your own abilities.

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