Body Positivity

In elementary school we are taught that everyone is equal. Every skin color, every shape, every size, every ethnicity, and every age. Elementary school was simple. The only thing you had to worry about was memorizing the alphabet and worrying about what spot you would sit in on the rug.

In middle school we begin to realize what popularity means. It means you have to wear the most expensive clothes. Lulu lemon leggings are a must have in order to make the A list. Clothes and body image begin to play a role in young girls minds. Girls begin starving themselves in order to be a size 0, or a size 2. Size 5 jeans are looked at in disgust.

In high school we are taught that a man doesn't want an overweight companion. An overweight women. He wants a women who is thin and toned.

But things are beginning to change. On social media, women who are more curvy are looked at as beautiful. A women with curves is idealized. On commercials for brands such a dove, women are learning to love the skin they are in. Having curves and stretch marks is looked at as beautiful, by both men and women. It has taken years and struggles to get to this point of body positivity, and we still have a long way to go, but a catalyst has been launched.

I once read in an AP Psychology book that women think men want body types that are more skinny, when most men said they preferred a women with curves.

Now in our day and age, women aren't promoting body positivity and having a certain weight because they want to impress men and fit into smaller clothing. No, women are doing it for themselves, having self esteem, wearing what they'd like, and promoting self love is all done for that women and other women around the world. Body positivity and self love isn't some trend, it's a movement towards a more brighter culture for females and other genders.

Having confidence is something every women, man, non binary, transgender, and any other gender should enjoy and have. Whether you are a size 2, or a size 26, you should feel beautiful in the skin you came in. And i believe that our culture is moving towards that.

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