Groves' Students and Staff Raise Over $50,000 for Charity

This year was Groves High School’s 3rd annual Charity Week and the most memorable so far.

Our first year of doing Charity week we raised $12,374.79 for the Caliber Foundation, our second year we raised $32,488.07 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and this year we raised $52,487.42 for the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI).

One of the founders from NAMI, Kevin Fisher explains his personal experience with mental illness.

“I just want to explain why this is so important to me and how i got involved with Nami. In 2007, my oldest son Dominick was diagnosed with bipolar-schizophrenic during his Sophomore year in College. He exhibited no signs of mental illness. It was a surprise to his mom and i. We believe Stigma is the leading barrier to people getting the help that they need. We have to look at Mental illness as a true diagnosis instead of a weakness. Dominick was in treatment for 3 years and on June 27, 2010 i lost my son to suicide. Like many people I didn’t know much about mental health. More people are diagnosed with Mental illness more than cancer and diabetes. Dominick was doing well with his treatment until he decided to stop because he thought he could do it on his own. Mental illness is no less important than cancer or diabetes. We have to change the conversation and you young people are going to lead us there because you are willing to engage in this conversation.”

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