Powerbuff 2018

The game that concludes the rivalry between the juniors and the seniors; powerbuff. The juniors won the bucket and they won powderpuff. The seniors didn’t want to go out winless, so, powerbuff was there last chance.

The Winning Team

I’m Jamal and I decided to play powerbuff this year and it was a pretty average experience. There were 4 scheduled practices leading up to the event on February 12. But, because of the gym being filled on January 30, and the snow day on February 9 this caused us to only have 2 practices, while the juniors had 4. Starting off with a disadvantage wasn’t good but it turned out we didn’t need the 4 practices. I didn’t play powerbuff last year, so, the coaches decided not to start me. I got in to the first set for a couple of points and then was soon subbed out. I didn’t make any mistakes that caused us to lose a point. The first set was pretty close, we ended up losing 22-20 and this got us shook. The second set wasn’t as close because we came up with a game plan to get Keith Schmidt, our best player, to spike every play; we won the second set by 8. The all important 3rd set was first team to score 15 points. We started off slow by being down 6-3 but I stepped on the court and we ended the game on a 12-3 run. I didn’t score any points but my presence on the court made a difference in the way my teammates played. The seniors were able to win the last competition between the seniors and the juniors.

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