The Game at Little Caesars Arena

On February 5th 2018 the varsity Groves basketball team traveled to Little Caesars Arena to face Farmington High School. Although our Falcons lost 64-57, the players had a great experience playing on the big stage. The boys basketball team has been practicing very hard everyday preparing for this game. While the team was at the arena everyone on the varsity team played at least 10 minutes. The boys played hard, but came up short due to a few turnovers at the end of the game. Although they came up short they didn’t let that discourage them. Going into the game we were able to sit down and interview co captain Mitchell Pitts. While speaking to Mitchell we asked him a few questions regarding the game.

The first question we asked was, can you describe how you feel about playing at Little Caesars Arena on February 5th? His response was “ I have always wanted to play in a NBA arena and since Little Caesars is brand new, it makes everything even more exciting. I like how I’ll get to experience what NBA players feel playing in a huge gym.” We also asked senior forward Cristion Williams the same question and his response was a little different. He said, “I feel a little nervous because the bright lights will be on me, and the court will will be a lot bigger which means more running.” They were also asked, how is the team going to prepare to play on this big stage? Co-captain Mitchell Pitts said, “We have to play with lots of intensity in practice and really focus on executing our plays in the game. We can’t think about the how cool it is playing in the arens.” When we asked Cristion Williams his response was, “we just need to stay focus and push the ball down the court, and hit shots.” The final question that these two players were asked, what does the team need to do in order to win this game? Mitchell responded, “To win against Farmington we need to score in transition, grab defensive rebounds, and make our free throws. We were not able to do interviews during the game due to the fact that the players have to stay focused and not worry about any distractions.

After the game co-captain Mitchell Pitts, and Cristion Williams were able to answer a few more questions. They were asked can you describe how you felt during the game? Mitchell Pitts responded, “I felt nervous before the game. Right after tip off I was excited.” Cristion Williams told us, “I felt nervous especially when they turned the bright bright lights on when we tipped off.” They were also asked if they could describe what the atmosphere was like during the game? Mitchell Pitts responded to this question saying, “the lights were extremely bright and there were not many people in the crowd, but it was still loud.” Cristion Williams responded to this question saying “ It was just big, everything about that arena was big, big court, big arena, just big.” They were also asked, can you describe how the team played at the arena? Mitchell Pitts responded, “We played well offensively, except in the fourth quarter we failed to make shots. On defense we allowed one player to score 30 points on us.” Cristion Williams responded to this question saying “we need to get better help defense and score the ball.”

The team is working on playing for a district championship this year. Projections show that they will be able to get their rematch in the district championship against Farmington.

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