UMatter Week Comes to Groves

On Monday, May 21, Groves begins it’s first UMatter week. The week will consist of various events and gifts to make students feel like they matter. Some of these fun and creative activities include snack bags, sidewalk decorating, TED style talks, movies, and so much more.

Leading up to the week in question, this years Reflections contest holds a similar premise to the week, I'm Happiest When...The contest will be taking many different types of art, from short films, to poetry, and even original songs from April 30 to May 15. The winners from the written works portion and multimedia portion will both receive $250 prizes.

Once Monday, May 21 comes, the week begins with snack bags, small snacks that have notes inside them with motivational messages for students, during Hour 1. There will also be Safe-Talk training, which teaches students how to become a suicide-alert helper, and connecting those who are suffering, with someone who can help them. After school, students can participate in sidewalk chalk decorating. All clubs and teams are invited to decorate a square that fits the UMatter theme outside either the commons or pool hall doors. There is also a $250 prize for the best square as well.

On Tuesday, May 22, we will have TED style Talks all day. TED Talks are moving speeches from experts in many areas, and during UMatter week, Groves endeavors to do the same. Classes will be signing up for the talks, and a list will be out shortly with the conversations at hand.

Wednesday, May 23 has it's own twist on the week. With a dedication towards seniors, the day starts off with a senior goodbye barbecue during both lunches. They are also distributing letters that the staff have written to seniors, which is being anticipated by many of the students graduating this June.

The physics departments are having their Cedar Point trip on Thursday, May 24. Back at Groves, while they are gone, the movie Inside Out will be playing. The recent Disney Pixar movie is about emotions being personified in a young girls brain, and how she struggles to navigate a new life after the characters Joy and Sadness disappear from the main part of the brain, leaving the characters Anger, Disgust, and Fear. A sign up list will also be sent out to classes for this as well. There will also be more Safe-Talk training on Thursday as well.

On the Friday, May 25, it is senior skip day at Groves high school. In order to keep the mood that the rest of the week has entailed, they will be having an assembly during the school day. There is the possibility of a guest speaker as well, but no one has been confirmed yet.

Another thing throughout the whole week is the Matters to Me campaign. Students and staff have the ability to complete prompts about why certain people matter to them, for instance team members, teachers, classmates, or friends. These 5 prompts will be hung up around the school, and anyone who fills one out will receive a raffle ticket (each time). The drawing for a mystery prize will be on Friday.

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