It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Review

The Groves performing arts company presented “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” in April. Directed by Mr. John Rutherford, he and the cast presented a gripping noir thriller and nailed it.

The story stars reclusive mystery writer Sam Slaughter, who manages to get himself caught up in quarrels with all of his staff, and when a woman from his past shows up with some incriminating evidence, Sam disappears. The cast and others are stranded in Slaughter’s mansion, but Sam did not fail to leave some clues…

The acting in the play was outstanding, each actor transformed into their character with a piece of themselves and paid incredible attention to detail and characteristics, and every action had an intention. The humor was delivered with perfect cadence, which would make you laugh but not take you out of the action.The set drew you in and put you right into an eccentric’s mansion. The costume and makeup reflected on the character directly.

It took a special and dedicated group of people to make such a riveting and enjoyable play and the GPAC got it exactly right.

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