Top 5 Movies That'll Make You Squeal

Top 5 Movies That’ll Make You Squeal

  1. The Grudge

This movie isn't for the light hearted. The shadows that creep around you aren't what you think. The ordinary people who stroll around you aren't who they are. The Grudge is a movie that portrays a curse that is born when someone dies while they are in a powerful rage or extreme sorrow. The curse is a dark entity created where the person has died. Those who meet this dark entity almost never survives so the curse is reborn repeatedly, passed from one victim to another creating in an nevering ending sorrowful chain of horror.

2. Insidious

Imagine the home of your dreams being the place that gives you nightmares. Imagine going to sleep and wondering why you or your loved one won’t wake up. Imagine thousands of dark souls fighting to be the one who possesses your body. Insidious does just that. This horror / supernatural film shows the sorrow and confusion of not knowing why there son won’t awaken or why strange figures lurk the dark corners of there home. After watching this you might not want to go to sleep ever again.

3. The Haunting in Connecticut

Do you think ghosts are real? Well you might after watching this. This movie has been allegedly based off the Snedeker family. After finding out Mr and Mrs. Snedeker’s son has cancer, they have to immediately move so he can get the proper treatment. While looking for houses, they find an amazingly cheap home. The owner of the home seemed sketchy because he wasn't giving the Snedeker's all the information about the home. Even though the deal seemed edgy, they decided to buy the house because they were desperate for a new home to live in while their son undergoes his treatments. The family starts encountering strange events like hearing noises in the closet start and random television channels popping on in the night start to occur. The house that was supposed to be their savior might just be the beast the inprisons them.

4. Taking of Deborah Logan

This fictional documentary is about film crew trying to make their debut with a documentary about Alzheimer's patients. Although when they go to document Ms. Logan’s mother, Deborah Logan. She is one of the Alzheimer’s patients that they want to investigate and do their documentary on but they don’t get what they expected. Mrs. Logan starts acting unusual. She starts sleepwalking, saying weird things, and her emotional status starts changing. This movie might might give you a odd feeling in your stomach.

5. Crimson Peak

Not everyone is who they seem to be. Don’t trust everyone who comes into your life. A rich girl, soon to be inherited of the family’s riches meets a mysterious man who would be soon to swoon her. But soon her obtained new love for him distracts her from the reality that she’s in. Not everyone is who they are. Not everything you see is what it is, and Crimson Peak does that.

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