Groves Alumna Callie Barnas Makes a Statement on Madison Avenue

It’s evident that adapting to a university atmosphere after being sheltered in a monotonic high school setting can be a daunting task for any student. Furthermore, despite the audacious efforts of high school speech electives, secondary education can’t really prepare you for the national press conferences that come attached to being the first college freshman featured in a reputable art exhibit located in the “Capital of the World”, New York City. Groves alumna, Callie Barnas found herself situated in this position during her second month at the School of Visual Arts, studying under the 3D design department curated by Kevin O’Callaghan. The exhibit, titled “Obsessorize”, conquered the streets of Madison Avenue on October 4 and streamlined trends of former decades through the medium of sculptures and unconventionally crafted accessories. Barnas added to the underlying theme of morphing common objects into uncommon accessories through a pair of teapot shoes, dynamically formulated through dozens of sacrifice teacups whose archaic condition reflects the obsolete antique stores they were isolated in. The gallery, publicized by the Marie Claire October 2018 editorial, provides SVA students like Barnas to showcase their work in a populated shopping avenue throughout the fall. Her display is the first in front of the Met Breuer, which prompts hundreds of pedestrians to marvel at the labyrinth of broken glass manifesting into heels. Maybe the education offered by high schools can’t exclusively elaborate on art exhibits on Madison Avenue, but at least Barnas can credit Birmingham Groves as her source of art education.

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