A Simple Favor Review

I am not one who would typically go out and see a scary movie, but when I saw the trailer for A Simple Favor, I knew I had to see it. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in one movie? That is right up my alley. Although not as scary as portrayed in the trailer, A Simple Favor had it’s dark twists of horror.

A Simple Favor revolves around Stephanie, who is a “mommy vlogger”. Stephanie meets one of her son’s friends mom, and they instantly become best friends. Although it seems Emily is just a wealthy mom who overly enjoys a martini, Stephanie soon learns everything is not as it seems. Emily disappears and Stephanie devotes herself, as well as her mommy vlog, to finding her friend. As she becomes a Sherlock Holmes, she digs a little too far and finds out frightening details of Emily’s past. Emily watches as Stephani slowly starts to take over her former life. Well, what happens when you make a crazy person mad? Never good things. Emily will not stop until she gets want she wants, and that includes taking down her former best friend. This films takes you through the nail biting and palpitations of a horror movie, the belly laughs of a comedy, and

keeps you on the edge of your seat like an action movie. A Simple Favor is out in theaters near you.

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