Aubrey and the Three Migos; An Unforgettable Concert Experience

Photo: Members of the group Migos, Takeoff (left) and Offset (right) sing their song “Slippery” during the opening of the concert.

When it was announced that some of my favorite artists were going on tour together, I knew I had to go. It was the “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour”, headlining was Drake and opening for him was Migos. The venue was Little Caesars, which was just recently built in downtown Detroit. There are generally around three-four rows of people in general admission at Little Caesars, which were the tickets that I got. My two friends and I went to the venue two hours before the concert started in order to get a good spot. We walked into the arena, which was already filled with people. Fourtenely, general admission was not so crowded so we managed to squeeze our way to the first row, pushing through people slowly. It was insane how close we were, the only thing separating us and the stage was a thin metal bar and a security guard.We stood there forever, guarding our spots like our life depended on it and the music began. Migos came out first, all wearing vibrant one pieces, so your eyes were immediately drawn to them. The bass boomed as the music blared, their voices blending perfectly. It was astonishing how good they sounded live, almost identical to how they sounded over the radio. As one was singing, the other two would be dancing and interacting with the audience, keeping everyone engaged. After a set of around fifteen of their most popular songs, they ran off the stage. Excitement filled the room as everyone prepared for Drake to come on. After a forty-five minute intermission which felt like eternity, the lights dimmed once again and the smoke machine started roaring. Suddenly Drake emerged through all the smoke and the crowd went wild. The energy completely changed, I thought Migos was exciting, but it was nothing compared to when Drake began. The lighting and stage presence was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Like the yellow ferrari flying over the crowds head as he sang one of his popular songs, Yes Indeed. Drake moved along the rectangular stage, dancing as he sang, obviously having an amazing time. He mentioned this was the loudest crowd on tour yet, as everyone screamed the words to every song played. The best part of the concert by far, was when Migos reappeared to sing their song “Versace” with Drake and a few other popular songs. It was so fun to see all of the artists working together and they sounded super good too.

The experience was unreal and was definitely the best concert i have ever been too. The tour is still going on in the United states, ending in Atlanta on November 18th. If you get the chance, I highly recommend going to this concert, or one of these artists concerts in the future, it was an awesome experience.

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