“Snoop Dogg Presents Bible of Love” Album Review

Five years after Snoop Dogg’s “Reincarnated” album, a new album called “The Bible of Love” was released on March 16, 2018. Being off the charts for over five years, critics thought that Snoop Dogg had fallen off… and they were right. Snoop Dogg’s new album is awful! I despise many of the songs in the album, with every song making me want to tear my ears off. Starting off, the intro to the album “Thank you Lord” doesn't really feel like an intro. It just repeats “I just want to love you Lord” over and over. Although the vocals are good by Chris Bolton, they get repetitive and the lyrics don’t really have much meaning. The beginning of the song “Love For God” is actually pretty nice. With soothing vocals by Uncle Chuck, you are immediately hooked on his piece. But, after the two minute mark, you get very bored at listening to the same line back to back, “I got so much to love for God”--which has meaning and shows that Snoop has a lot to love God for, but what does he love God for? This is never established EVER in the song, and I feel like Snoop Dogg should explain why he has so much love for God. This song is a waste of time.

Snoop’s third song in this album is “Always Something To Say”--ironically, Snoop mumbles the lyrics, so you can’t really hear what he has to say. Snoop Dogg does drop a good couple of verses where he talks about what he is thankful for and how he would have turned out without the blessings he gained.

Despite the mumbling, “Always Something To Say” brings me back to Snoop Dogg's older albums when he was at his peak in the music industry. It may be one of the only decent songs on the album with, one with a good vibe, bubbly beat, and carefree lyrics. Most of the songs in the album don’t even have Snoop in them. Only about ten of them, have Snoop rapping while the others are just the featured artists singing. I didn’t care much for the songs that didn’t have Snoop in them at all because first of all, they didn’t even feature Snoop Dogg in them and the ones that do have Snoop saying some inspirational quotes in the beginning of them, which don’t get me wrong, isn’t bad, but they get very repetitive and overdone. Second of all, a majority of the featured artists kinda sound the same, with a gospel atmosphere and basic, simple lyrics where the lyricists rely on the sound of their voice and how high of a note they can hit, instead of focusing on a meaningful song with significant lyrics whatsoever. I honestly couldn’t even tell the difference between “Saved” (feat. Faith Evans) which is the seventh song in the album, and “When It’s All Over” (feat. Patti LaBelle) which comes in at the twenty seventh song in the album. These songs are a representation of how repetitive the songs in the album are. Almost all the lyrics repeat the same things throughout the album from “Thank you lord” to “God loves you”, it all has the same overall meaning. Snoop Dogg and whoever is featured in the song are thankful for what and how God has blessed them. There is a few good songs in which Snoop Dogg is actually rapping and Mali Music sings alongside him. Mali Music is one of the only artists of the 300 that are in the album, that is set apart from the others. Mali Music has a way of capturing the audience with his lyrics where he doesn’t come off as a gospel singer. He is only in two of the songs, but makes his appearance well known while he’s in them, and his first song he is in does not sound like the second one he is in. I thought of most of the songs as something I’d heard in church. With loud singing in every song I couldn't listen to the whole album in a full day. It took me about three days to finish the album. He seems more of a featured artist because he’s only in a small majority of the tracks, but when he is, he does drop a few poetic bars. In the song “Always Something To Say” Snoop Dogg has a very good set of verses. This was probably my favorite song because it has Snoop Dogg to carry it and without him it would sound like the others. I recommend this song the most out of all the songs, as most the others are trash.

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