An Hour at the Yates Cider Mill

My mouth watered as I pulled into the parking lot of the Yates Cider Mill, located on E Avon Rd in Rochester Hills. Lively chatter accompanied by cinnamon wafts drifted through the air. Slipping through the mud that was enveloping the parking lot, I finally found my way to the pathway leading up to the main building. Smells of cinnamon, donuts and apples completely took over. After waiting in a crowded line and ordering, I walked out to see what else they had to offer. They had tents selling pumpkins, fudge, apples, and other products. As I looked around, I noticed a small bridge with a stream under it. The fall breeze and running stream perfectly complimented the tranquil state of the cider mill. I finally found a picnic table not taken over by bees, and I sat down. I took a bite of a donut. The soft, warm cake part paired with the coarse cinnamon sugar just added to the cozy autumn feel. The leaves hadn’t fallen yet, but the atmosphere didn’t leave me with any doubts about what season it was.

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