"Funky Ferndale"

I usually hate art shows. The art is so boring, does not speak to me, and is not funky. The first time I went to Funky Ferndale I thought it would be just another boring art show. When my dad parked his car, and we walked in, it was a whole different story. The first thing I noticed were people with ocean blue hair, skull and flower tattoos, jeans up to their thighs, and lip and nose piercings. Everything was so overwhelming to look at, I knew this would be different from any other art show I’d been to.

I’ve been to Funky Ferndale for the last four years each September, and I am never disappointed. Just being part of that environment is a memorable experience. You can expect to see the most unique art you can ever imagine, DJ’s spinning tracks, people walking from tent to tent, and smoke filling the air around you. The people that go to Funky Ferndale are not your everyday type. They don’t seem to care about the way they look in their crop tops, or the heavy chains that they drag around on their jeans. It seems they are kind of just living in the moment, in a place that they can fit in.

I love this art show because it is unlike any other and this year the theme was perfect for just before Halloween. The glow in the dark booth shows splattered paint on the canvas, creating an eerie, 3D experience. I asked one of the artists at the booth, named Jake, what inspired him, and he said he “wanted to create a new twist on art. Something that pops and you can’t miss when you walk around this art show”. His yellow, green, and pink neon paints light up the whole room with images of cats, dragons, and ethereal swirls.

As I strolled this fascinating art festival, another creative artist caught my eye. Her name was Megan and she created something unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She ripped apart her old Halloween masks and glued them onto lamp shades. Megan glued the different face parts of the old masks on the lamp to make it come to life. It was creepy but exhilarating.

As I continued to walk around Megan’s booth, I discovered another one of her spooky yet amazing art pieces. This one almost looked like a sketch of a spider web, but turns out it wasn’t just that. It was much more macabre. Megan has collected a lot of spider webs by her house, and one day she decided to make them into artwork. She first put the spider webs into a frame. She then hair-sprayed the web on a piece of paper and put glass over it. “ Some of my webs don’t come out that great, but when they do it is incredible!” Megan says. I never thought of doing this, so it’s really cool to see how everyday objects to become a piece of art.

I highly recommend attending Funky Ferndale if you want to get outside your comfort zone and look at all the creepy and unique art this show has to offer.

Now you may be too excited and not want to wait to see all this till next September. Totally understandable. There are still many cool art shows like this one, and I highly recommended that you go soon Here are upcoming art shows in our area:

  • Royal Oak Market:Art Fair Edition, November 15th & 16th--this happens in the Farmers Market Building at 316 E. 11 Mile Road in downtown Royal Oak. Instead of selling farmers produce, it turns into an art fair. This is its third year. 65 exhibitors. Free general admission.

  • Annual Potters Market, November 29th-December 2nd--this happens at the Southfield Pavilion on 26000 Evergreen Road. There will be over 140 artists selling their work and daily pottery demonstrations. Free general admission.

  • Our Town Art Show & Sale, November 2nd-November 3rd--this is a special show that features only Michigan artists. All forms of media will be represented including painting, sculpture, glasswork, fiberwork, photography and jewelry. The Community House, 380 S. Bates Street, Birmingham. Free general admission.

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