Maroon 5 Hits the Stage with the Red Pill Blues Tour!

From the songs “Payphone” to “Wait” I have always been a Maroon 5 lover. The lead singer, Adam Levine’s, voice has always stuck out to me and his lyrics are very creative. Maroon 5 puts a lot of meaning and soul into their music, making it easy as an audience member to connect with their music. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I’ve dreamed of seeing Adam Levine in concert. I never thought I would get the chance to see him,so I was ecstatic when my mom got me tickets to see him on September 30th for the Red Pill Blues Tour at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena. When Maroon 5 came on stage they opened with the song “What Lovers Do” and closed with “Sugar”. Levine’s voice alone is indescribable. The way he engages the crowd is spontaneous. The stage at the Little Caesars Arena is shaped in a V so he was able to move out far into the audience. The way the lights fell perfectly on him along with his powerful vocal cords vibrating the whole stage, was award winning.

Photo: Maroon 5 engages the audience at his Red Bill Plues Tour. People were screaming the lyrics with Adam Levin while he was singing.

Before the tour, Maroon 5 took a couple years off to create their Red Pill Blues album and sold 12.9 million albums in the U.S and counting. Maroon 5 started to become popular in 2004 when they won MTV’s Best New Artist award for their song “This Love”. In 2012 Maroon 5 won best pop/rock group for the American Music Awards, and so many more awards it is astonishing. Adam Levine is also a coach on “The Voice” which is a popular singing show where he helps other people to become a star. Maroon 5 is still on tour, and I highly recommend that you go see them. Below I’ve listed tour dates that Maroon 5 is performing on.

Sunday December 30 and Monday 31 at 8:00pm Maroon 5 is performing at Mandalay Bay- Events Center- Las Vegas, NV

Sunday February 3- Mercedes-Benz-Stadium- Atlanta, GA

Thursday February 21 at 7:30pm- Qudos Bank Arena- Sydney, Australia

Friday February 22 at 7:30pm- Rod Laver Arena- Melbourne, Australia

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