Breaking: Groves alumnus wins state senate seat

2004 Groves alumnus Jeremy Moss won Michigan’s 11th State Senate seat yesterday, November 6, by a large majority with a 77% margin.

Moss is now the first openly gay state senator in Michigan and said he began his passion for political change and civil service during his time at Groves.

"Teachers supported us in all our diversity but also challenged us to pay attention to what was going around us and how it was impacting us. That sets the foundation for someone like me to want to speak up and get involved, " Moss said.

Moss also helped Gretchen Whitmer win the governorship last night as he frequently joined her campaign, hosted fundraisers, and encouraged many Michigan voters to reach out to neighbors and get out the vote. Moss led a rally live in Southfield on November 2, where he reminded voters that Whitmer started her "Fix the Damn Roads" campaign in Southfield.

""She launched that tour here," Moss said to a cheering crowd. "The work were doing in Southfield is some of the most important work being done in Michigan. When Southfield votes, democrats win. Are your feet cold from walking doors? Hands cramped making so many phone calls? Sign up for a shift to get democrats elected, reach more neighbors 100 more, 500 more, a 1000 more, and we're going to get that blue wave started right here in Southfield and that wave will go beyond to Southfield to the rest of Oakland county to Metro Detroit and beyond to the entire state of Michigan. We will elect democrats up and down the ticket."

English teacher Amy Voigt, who hosts the Facebook site "Groves Grads Doing Great Things", taught Moss and has been a vocal supporter for his campaign. Voigt celebrated many wins in the election last night, but was especially impressed that a Groves grad will now represent our state in the Michigan senate.

"Representative, now senate elect, Moss is someone I admired as my student. I admire him now for the hard work he gives his job," Voigt said. "When he disagrees with a policy, he speaks widely and openly about it."

Moss will be sworn in as senator on December 16.

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