Shannon Bauer: owner of two companies at sixteen

Junior Shannon Bauer made the leap from equestrian to entrepreneur this year. Bauer started one of her companies, Heated Horse, in January, crafting new technologies for both horse and rider to help keep them cool, or warm, depending on the weather. She has two patented items coming out in the winter: an electronic bit warmer, the first on the market. and an electronic glove, also first on the market. Bauer plans to modify the glove for other sports.

With the success of Heated Horse, this fall Bauer started another company called Bench Blaze. Her first product, still in the design phrase, will be a portable electronic heat cushion, for any outdoor sporting events, including hunting and camping.

Bauer described the impact of starting her own companies based on her athletic passions.

“Seeing the companies start to grow is very rewarding because you begin to see your results of all your hours of hard work put in and your dream becoming real,” Bauer said.

You can check out Bauer's company social media sites below:








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