Travis Scott's Detroit ASTROWORLD Concert

As I walked into the Travis Scott ASTROWORLD concert on December 5, 2018, I looked up at the tall blown up Travis Scott head that I had to go under in order to get into the concert. When I walked inside, I saw Travis’s face everywhere I looked. Posters of him were from the floor to ceiling and there were merch stands around every corner. It was said that Travis Scott was the first person to shake the foundation of the new Little Caesars Arena, which was where he performed. The arena was packed with a person in every seat. In general admission, people were shoving each other in every direction. People paid hundreds of dollars to be close enough to see Travis Scott’s sweat on his forehead. Famous artists Gunna, Sheck Wes, and Trippie Redd were scheduled to open for Scott. After Sheck Wes shook the crowd with his most popular song, Mo Bamba and Gunna came out with showstoppers including Chanel (Go Get It) and Drip Too Hard. The crowd waited anxiously for Trippie Redd to end the openers on a hype note. A large group of the audience was extremely excited to see Trippie because when he was supposed to perform in Detroit last year, he didn’t show up. Trippie Redd left Detroit fans disappointed for a second time when he posted a photo on his instagram story and tagged his location in Ohio, meaning he wasn’t coming to the event.

Around 9pm, the floor began to shake and the audience knew it was time for what we were all waiting for. “Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, got me stargazin.” Scott started with one of his most popular songs from his newest album, ASTROWORLD. ASTROWORLD is a real themepark in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Astroworld set the theme of the concert. He brought out lots of things relating to the park. He started on stage B with a giant circle roller coaster behind him. Scott strapped someone in while he was performing and the crowd watched as he was spun upside down. Scott performed a few songs before he switched to the main stage to perform for the rest of the concert. He sang songs including YOSEMITE when he brought Gunna out for a second time and Love Galore which he is a feature on with SZA. Along with the roller coaster in the beginning, Scott had lots of unique special effects. First, he lowered two large screens surrounding the general admission where he displayed iconic logos that he’s used on his instagram and his merchandise. He also brought out a second roller coaster at the end of the concert that brought him and his photographer from one end of the stadium to the other. His use of special effects was something the audience didn’t expect, and it left the crowd in awe.

Overall, Travis Scott really brought out all the stops on his ASTROWORLD tour. From his trendy and stylish merchandise, to the roller coasters he rode around in during the performance, he really knew how to put on a show. Walking out of the concert all I could hear were people talking about how amazing the show was and my ears rang for the rest of the night.

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