Hairspray Musical Review

The Groves Performing Arts Company’s showing of the musical Hairspray was truly outstanding. I had never seen anything like it before. Making this musical even more impressing, was the fact that some of the dances in it were choreographed by three of the cast members themselves. These cast members were Juniors Kennedy Giles, Mateo Davis, and Kate Karaskiewicz. This is something that personally, I never would have guessed. The entire performance was very well rehearsed, and it showed. I myself have never been part of theater, but I have always enjoyed watching it. Therefore, all my fellow audience members and I didn't realize how much work putting together a performance really is. The countless hours the cast puts in to get everything just right shows their true dedication and how much they care. Not to mention the fact that even when challenges arose, this amazing cast worked through them. Come the second weekend of performances, many of the cast members were sick, with one of the lead roles (Seaweed J Stubbs, played by Senior Jordan Davis) catching mono. Although, while they may have felt sick, they definitely did not show it. One of my personal favorite parts of the musical was when Motormouth Maybelle (played by Senior Nema Johnson) sang “Big Blonde and Beautiful”. Listening to her sing was absolutely breathtaking, with every note hit perfectly. It was evident that the showing of Hairspray was a major success when the last show was completely sold out. Every aspect of the show was made even more exciting due to the fact that it was the first production in the auditorium since it got remodeled in 2017. Hairspray was a great way to open the auditorium, setting the bar pretty high for future productions.

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