A$AP Rocky Releases Music Video for his Single "Sundress"

Recently, New York-based rapper A$AP Rocky released a music video for his single “Sundress”. The song, which features an up-tempo psychedelic beat sampled from the song “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?” by rock band Tame Impala, is drastically different from Rocky’s usual style of rap. The Video opens up with Rocky walking down the street towards a nightclub with a girl who is presumably his girlfriend. His girlfriend looks across the street and sees a man who looks similar to Rocky walking with two other girls. A bus passes and she suddenly sees Rocky in the man’s place. The video then cuts to inside the club through a series of freeze-frames. The girl is now embracing Rocky in the middle of the dance floor, while subtly looking at Rocky’s clone in the corner talking to the other girls. The camera pans down to Rocky slipping a handgun to the girl. The video cuts to a lot of freeze frames that show panic in the club, resulting in Rocky holding his hand up in a defensive way. The camera pans to the left and shows that the entire club has now cleared out, and the girl is holding the gun and looking at the clone. She raises it and fires. The camera, which is creatively shot from the perspective of the bullet, swirls towards Rocky as he begins to rap about their relationship, and how it used to be. After going through all their memories and then getting killed, the video rewinds to when Rocky and the girl were walking outside the club. She sees the look-alike across the street and does not see rocky in the man’s place. She seems relieved.

From what I gather, the look-alike who his girlfriend sees across the street is the man who Rocky used to be. After seeing this for herself, she gets frustrated. When she shoots the clone in the club, she is killing the man he used to be. When it cuts to them outside the club again, she does not see the clone. The clone represents Rocky’s old self, and when she kills the clone, she kills the part of him that used to go out clubbing all the time, and that makes her happy and more at ease.

Overall, I think this is a really good music video. It is both well made and edited. I really enjoyed how they incorporated freeze-frames into the video instead of one long shot. It has a very intriguing and well-constructed story, disguised through special effects and stunning shots, which engage the viewer.

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