Online Relations by 1975 Album Review

From the high pitched screeching noises to the beautiful, well put together melodies, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by the 1975, has some serious highs and lows. This album can only be best described as a rollercoaster. At some moment I felt relaxed. At other, I felt as if I was crashing down the tracks. Stomach jumping, all I wanted to do was scream.

Now that being said, I listened to all fifteen songs. The intro to the album is confusing. It starts off with this broken electric beat that repeats itself for one minute. I thought that the entire album was going to be like this. I didn’t enjoy listening to this distorted short melody. At this point I was ready to review something else; instead, I gave this album a chance.

Some of my favorite songs have one thing in common: good vocals and guitars. These include: “Give Yourself a Try”, “Surrounded By Heads and Bodies", “Love It If We Made It”, “Be My Mistake”, “Sincerity is Scary”, “Mine”, “Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)”, and “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”. “It’s Not Living” is one of the most popular songs, because it has a happy vibe and it ’s a summery song to dance to. There is a little bit of autotune, but it’s not unbearable. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This song sounds like it came straight from an 80’s movies. The lyrics are really sweet, and the chorus is simple. “It’s not living if it’s not with you.” Which is a really beautiful thing to say to someone. At the end, there is a short pause just so we can appreciate the music. It ends with children singing to the chorus in the background. I find this a bit strange, but overall this song is still amazing.

This leaves us with the high pitched, squeaky, autotune songs: “I Like America & America Likes Me”, “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOO”, “How to Draw/Petrichor”, and “The Man Who Married A Robot/Love Theme”. Personally, I think “How to Draw/Petrichor” is the worst. This song is split into two parts. The intro part is nice because it reminded me of owl city, one of my favorite electro-pop bands. Its vibe is similar to that of an indie song or something you’d find in a video game. Suddenly, this song takes a turn for the worst. In the end, the song dives into a terrible trill. The beat quickens and the autotune is on full blast. I literally have never wanted to rip my eardrums out more than I ever have before, and I’ve heard the song “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The lead singer of 1975 has a beautiful smooth voice and instead they destroy it with these high autotune shrieks. This song is a wreck.

The album ends with a song called, “I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)”. Finally, we’re at the end of this rollercoaster of an album. This pop rock song has a piano at the beginning, a violin playing in the background, and the lead singing softly. His voice is echoey, and the electric guitar comes in and the singer comes out with his dark emo lyrics, “I always wanna die sometimes.” It’s dumb because these lyrics contradict each other. To conclude the album, everything is silent, and then an orchestra starts to play.

A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships is okay, because the bad songs are terrible, and the good ones are alright. There were many moments I had to just stop listening and give my ears a break. This album is exhausting. It’s the type of roller coaster I’d never want to step foot on; however, there were some songs that exceeded my expectation; that’s why I rate this at a 6.6 out of 10.

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