iPhone XR Review

Apple just recently released its iPhone XR on October 26th, and it is one of the best deals Apple has offered yet. At the price of $749, you get 95% of the iPhone X’s performance for about 75% of the original price. Despite paying significantly less, customers still receive Apple’s A12 bionic chip. This particular chip is said to be the smartest and most powerful chip to ever be in a smartphone. It’s nine times faster than the A11; it uses 50% less power resulting in longer battery lifespans, and it can perform up to 5 trillion operations per second. While there are compromises, such as only having portrait mode on people, the phone has managed to keep up with the other Apple products released in early fall of last year, such as the iPhone X Max and Xs. The screen is almost identical to the ten which was released in November of 2017. Also, the 5c like color options are a major throwback to 2013.

Even with the camera lacking the double lens featured offered by newer phones, quality is not a missing component. I recently used the camera on a trip to Las Vegas over winter break and the photos I took look as if they were taken by a professional camera. The pictures are noticeably more pixelated than the X if someone were to zoom in, but overall the camera is amazing. The phone holds the record for longest battery lifespan. It also offers facial recognition and vibrant finishes, which are just a few perks to consider when looking for your next phone. The iPhone XR is the device everyone has been waiting for.

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