The Internet Concert Review

The Internet is more than just a global computer network used by countless people to share and connect with one another. It’s alluring and eclectic, making it a sanctuary for entertainment and expression. It’s eclectic in the types of tracks that are made, and the types of people who like them. It’s alluring because of the dreamy feeling it oozes, as if you were to hold its hand and forget through the chill rhythm that you were doing so half-way through. In the digital age, The Internet is giving a new name to R&B with its most recent album Hive Mind.

The buzz conspiring from The Internet’s new album Hive Mind came alive from the moment I stepped into line. I was surprised to find that the line coming up to the door was relatively short for a concert starting in 45 minutes. I waited there with my friend. My excitement to see the members of a band I had been listening to for years made the cold more bearable. In the last five to ten minutes the line must have doubled. After getting inside, we quickly made our way up to the crowd to secure our spots in the audience and, soon enough, people were wedging themselves around us.

It didn’t take long for my ears to start ringing from the cheers at the entrance of Moonchild, the opener for the night. The lead singer, accompanied by two pianists and a drummer, was wearing a flowy deep orange kimono, one that complimented her lyrical sound. The group’s jazzy instrumental sections mixed with hypnotizing vocals energized the crowd. The sound transformed with each minute, making it so that at any second they could have already moved onto playing a different instrument. Moonchild was the perfect band to set the mood for the rest of the night.

Before long, the music playing from the speakers silenced and this stillness triggered by a booming response from the crowd signaled the arrival of Syd, followed by Steve Lacy. They strolled on stage and started off with “Roll.” The beat hyped up everyone in the audience. They introduced themselves and started to dance. “Listen to your heart, listen to your heart.” They continued playing songs from the rest of their album along with some of their hits from their previous album Ego Death. This smooth and funky sound carried away into the night, nourishing the souls of everyone there. There was a certain vibe that The Internet was able to generate in people. The whole room was full of energy I had never experienced at a show before, and it was contagious.

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